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Many church leaders watch and worry as their congregations stagnate and decline—discouraged because the things they used to do don’t work as well anymore. I’m Pastor Dave Luecke, and I have watched this happen again and again in 25+ years of leading congregations, and working with fellow pastors.

My mission with “GROWTH In The Spirit” is to help traditional Protestant church leaders increase recognition of how the Holy Spirit is presently at work in their churches, and how it can make Christian living more exciting and fulfilling. I have resources that can help individual believers grow in the Spirit and together become a more vibrant church community.

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What You’ll Learn From GROWTH In The Spirit

This is a course designed for spiritual leaders to implement at their Churches.

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

I'm Pastor David Luecke. And I'm on a mission to help spiritual leaders help believers to Grow In The Spirit. After seminary and ordination, I earned an MBA and PhD at Washington University in Saint Louis and then spent the next 20 years in academia, teaching leadership techniques in business schools and church management at Fuller Theological Seminary. When I received the call to plant a church near my home town of Cleveland, I welcomed the opportunity to practice what I had been teaching. Afterwards I moved on to become administrative pastor of Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, and I continues to serve there as semi-retired missions pastor.

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